The Beginning

Destination picked? Check. 
Internship sorted? Check. 
Accommodation? Um…

For the past couple of months, I’ve been trawling through site after site looking for somewhere to live in Paris while on my year abroad. I set off on my travels tomorrow morning and with the thought that I could potentially be starting off my year abroad homeless, you can imagine why I’m not particularly jumping up and down for joy every time I think about the next seven months ahead. Of course I’m excited, but at this point in time I have mixed feelings. I’m an organised person so to be travelling to Paris without a clue as to where I shall be living is not something I’m happy about. 

Despite all this, I’m hoping my year abroad will be a truly amazing time. I’ll be spending seven months in Paris doing an internship at this fashion production company called Shoot Europe. They provide stills and moving image production services for fashion, advertising and catalogue clients. I’ve spoken to a couple of previous interns at the company and they’ve assured me that I’m going to have one of the best experiences there! 

One of my main aims while out in Paris is obviously to improve my oral, written and comprehension skills of French, but I also look forward to learning more about the French culture, France’s history and the people. While we touch on all these aspects in our modules at University, nothing is going to be as good as experiencing it all first hand. 

So tomorrow is D-Day. The day that I never actually imagined would come. Here’s hoping that the next seven months go smoothly. 


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