The French, their dogs and other stuff

I’ve been living in Paris now for a little over two months now….although it feels like much longer,and I can happily say I’m getting the hang of the French ways and how to get things done around here. It’s not been an easy ride so far, but it’s definitely shown me that despite the fact that you can fly from London to Paris in 45 mins, we have many, many differences between us and our French friends across the channel.

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The oh-not-so glamorous first photo-shoot

When you hear the word photo-shoot, I’m sure you think all things glamorous. Well after experiencing my very first one a couple of weeks ago, I can assure you they are a far cry from it. I knew getting into my job as a production assistant during my year abroad was not going to be easy, but I definitely underestimated how physically challenging working on a photo-shoot was going to be.

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Year Abroad Update – A week later

As I write this post, I’m sitting on the plane on my way back from London Heathrow to Paris Orly airport. A week into my year abroad and already back home for a visit, you may ask? Well no. It wasn’t exactly a fun-filled visit or one that I had previously intended to make. I suddenly had to make the journey back home to the UK on Wednesday evening as my family and I learnt the tragic news that my cousin had passed away at just 19 years old. I didn’t really like the idea of staying in Paris alone, still homeless (more on that in a bit), especially at this difficult time, so I followed them on their journey back. Continue reading